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4 elements of a warning label

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2023 | Product Liability

Manufacturers should provide consumers with an effective warning label to ensure the safe use of their products. If a manufacturer fails to do so and a consumer is injured, they may be in legal trouble.

Here are four elements of a warning label:

1. Clarity

A warning label should be clear to avoid misunderstandings.  The use of complicated or vague words can lead to injuries. For example, instead of saying, “Wear proper attire before using the product,” it’s more effective to say, “Wear goggles, gloves and apron.”

2. Adequacy

An inadequate warning label is no better than failing to warn altogether. A warning label should have in-depth information about the dangers of a product. Manufacturers must test their products expansively to know all foreseeable risks.

In addition to listing the potential hazard(s), a manufacturer should inform users of the degree of hazard seriousness, the consequences of involvement with the hazard and how to avoid the risk.

3. Accessibility

While it’s crucial to have warnings in a manual, manufacturers should attach warning labels to the product. This way, even if the product is transferred to subsequent users, each will be informed of potential risks.

On the warning label, a manufacturer can include “Refer to manual for more information.”

With the advancement of technology, manufacturers can digitize manuals and instructions and generate QR codes for such details. Placing a QR code on a product beside the warning label ensures consumers can access vital information.

4. Visibility

A warning label should be good-sized and in a location a user can quickly spot. Further, manufacturers should choose appropriate colors and fonts, and know when to use capital and small letters.

An adequate warning label can protect users substantially. If your product injures a consumer and they take legal action against you, obtain more information about your defense options to protect your business.