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Is marijuana legal in Mississippi?

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2023 | Cannabis Law And Business

Marijuana laws in Mississippi have certainly been changing. In fact, a bill was signed into law roughly a year ago, in February of 2022. This bill allowed for the first legal use of marijuana in Mississippi.

That being said, the law is still very restrictive. It only authorizes the use of marijuana in situations where people have qualifying medical conditions. They are also only allowed to have 30 grams at one time, and it can be a felony to have more. Additionally, it’s even illegal for people to use marijuana while they are outside, even if they fully qualify for the medical use stipulations. So, while it is true that marijuana is not legal in Mississippi, it’s also very clear that the government is still highly involved in this process and restricts both its cultivation and use quite notably.

A rise in business opportunities

One thing that this has created, however, is a new area of business opportunities for those who want to start cannabis businesses. For one thing, operations will be needed to grow cannabis legally, since it is still illegal for individuals to do so. Another thing, those who have valid medical marijuana cards need to have somewhere to purchase their substances. This all has to be done at a controlled dispensary, so more businesses will be needed as these dispensaries open.

In fact, the very restrictiveness of these laws does help to create these business opportunities. Since everything from growing to selling to purchasing marijuana has to be done in a very strict manner, businesses can be established to follow the protocols that are in place. It’s just important for business owners who are interested in doing so to make sure that they know all of the laws and regulations in advance.